About Us


Our Mission

To organize a range of charity events raising money to support the homeless of Toronto. Our city has reached a record high population of homelessness and every year, close to 100 deaths.

 Our goal is to host this annual event to bring attention to this crisis while raising funds to help organizations serving the homeless

The Crisis

There are approximately 5000 people in Toronto who are homeless, with over 235000 people experiencing homelessness in Canada. 

The chronically homeless, those who are homeless for 3 months or more, are the hardest to help as they are often dealing with other issues such as addiction and mental illness.

Our focus is to support initiatives that provide long-term affordable housing solutions with on-site services to those experiencing chronic homelessness.

Your support is crucial in providing Toronto's homeless the housing help they deserve.

Proceeds from our 2 week arts and music event will also benefit organizations helping our veterans with homelessness and mental health issues.